Eat Snacks Together

Mom, grandma and son eating snacks.

Snacks. Together. Smiles.

Eating together looks different for everyone. If you can't squeeze in breakfast, lunch, or dinner; fit in some snacks! Nothing fancy needed. It's eating snacks together that counts!

Simple tips like keeping a stash of fresh, frozen and canned fruits and vegetables for grab-n-go snacks can make it a little easier. Click the links below for even better tips!

How to Start

Ease into it: Try setting a goal of snacking together once or twice a week.

Start simple: Prepare ahead of time. Store snacks until you're ready to eat!

Create calm: Phones, TV, computer, video games and even the radio can interrupt your meal. Turning them
all off will help everyone relax.

Get everyone involved: Let your family help you shop, choose their favorite healthy snack, set the table or make the snack.

Relax and connect: Let your guard down. Enjoy healthy snacks while bonding with your family and friends.

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Mom and son eating together

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